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A successful workshop moderation greatly depends on good visualisation. Clear and appealing visualisations on flipcharts and pinboards can motivate the participants and focus their attention. In addition, it can help you, as the presenter, to structure the sequence of the workshop and outline the results convincingly.

Training-Visualisierung-Workshop-Seminar-lernenThis is not about displaying overtly artistic illustrations. You do not have to have a special talent. All you need are the right materials, some simple techniques and a few lines, in order to visually support the contents and to pinpoint them. And this you can learn in a very short time. With some essential background knowledge and a little bit of practice you can quickly and noticeably improve the quality of your workshop moderation.

Aim: visualising quickly, clearly and convincing

In this course you will learn in a short time how to noticeably improve your visualisation techniques. By applying simple methods you will expand your repertoire and learn how to use the materials with confidence. At the end of the course, you will leave with concrete ideas on how to visually present your own themes.

Training contents: visualisation techniques on the flipchart or pinboard

  • Basic principles and materials of visualisation
  • The legible signature of a workshop moderation – it’s not witchcraft
  • Purposefully applying simple figures and symbols
  • Using shading and colours
  • Composing & structuring flipcharts
  • Working with pinboards, post-its and workshop moderation cards

Approach: learning visualisation through a practical application

This training is based entirely on practice. Together we will learn and practice the visualisation techniques step by step, and immediately apply them in practical examples. During the course of the training, you will work on your own visualisation space, and have the time to try out all of the techniques directly. In the process you will develop your own compact visual vocabulary, which you can then immediately make use of.

Target group: basic visualisation (beginners)

The training addresses anyone who wants to quickly and noticeably improve their workshop moderations or presentations by using various visualisation techniques on flipcharts and pinboards. No prior knowledge is necessary.


visualisierungstraining-flipchart-visualisierungOur denkmodell trainers, Rupert Prossinagg und Julian-G. Mehler, designed this visualisation training together and conduct it alternately.

Both trainers have many years of experience in the areas of visualisation as well as moderation and conduct this training on a regular basis as an open course or as an in-house training.

General information

The course lasts one day and takes place in Berlin, in the seminar rooms of denkmodell. The training group will consist of 8 to 12 participants. As part of the open course programme, the training is currently held in German.

On request, however, we are happy to offer this training as an in-house training in English or German.

590 EUR per participant (incl. VAT). This includes:

  • One-day training with 8 to 12 participants
  • Set of 5 Neuland markers (per participant)
  • Photo documentation
  • Participation certificate


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