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Don’t know how to paint either? No worries, you don’t have to! With some simple tricks, you can make sure your visualisations will have a big impact. We practice all of that, together.

Visualisation Upon request

Course languages: german, english

At a glance

  • We come to you – in Germany, elsewhere in Europe or around the globe.
  • Available in German or English.
  • 1-day training (easily combined with facilitation or communication training)
  • First, we take a look at your needs: What techniques are you already using? What’s challenging? Where could you use a bit of inspiration?
  • With 16 or more participants, we work with two trainers
  • Detailed preliminary consultation with the client

Visualisation works. Whether during presentations, workshops or meetings, clear and striking visualisations can help you get your point across with flipcharts or pin-boards. You keep the group focused while cultivating transparent, streamlined work processes. At the same time, you effortlessly produce lean documentation of the key results.

It doesn’t take any special talent to create professional visualisations. All you need is the right materials, some simple techniques and a few strokes with your marker. And it doesn’t take much time to learn. With the right basic knowledge and a little practice, you can improve the quality of your visualisations quickly and, more importantly, in a way that really shows. Our motto: A simple trick with a big impact.

This training is for anyone who wants to use visualisation techniques to take their facilitation or presentation skills to the next level – no prior knowledge required.

In this course, participants quickly acquire the skills they need to make visible improvements to their visualisations on flipcharts and pinboards. Using simple techniques, you will expand your own set of skills and become more confident in using the materials. You’ll also return home with some specific ideas on how you can get started using the visualisation strategies to address some of your own topics. That’s our promise to you.

  • Basic principles of visualisation and materials
  • Writing legibly – it’s not rocket science
  • Simple figures and symbols to get your point across
  • Shadowing and colours
  • Collecting and structuring ideas
  • Composing and structuring flipcharts
  • Working with pinboards, sticky notes and index cards
  • As needed: creating PowerPoint presentations that have a real impact

Our training is 100% hands-on: together with the other participants, you will learn and practice the most useful visualisation techniques for you step by step and apply them to practical examples right away. During the training, participants work with their own visualisation media and try out all of the techniques at their own pace. We help you develop symbols that you may not have had a chance to come up with yourself simply due to the hustle and bustle of your daily work routine. One positive indirect result is that participants develop a basic visual vocabulary that they can start using straight away on their first day back in the office.

Are you interested in this training?

We will be happy to advise you and discuss focus and content. Contact us now! We look forward to meeting you.

Course Languages

We offer the course in the following languages:

german, english