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Virtual time management training

Best of time management – discover the tools your team really needs.

Virtual time management training upon request

Course languages: german, english

At a glance

  • 3 x 90-minute virtual live training plus 2 transfer modules between the training sessions
  • total study time: approx. 8 hours
  • from 12 persons we work with 2 trainers
  • Plenty of practical exercises to help you manage your teams and your own time
  • Periodic input from the trainers
  • tailored to the specific needs and wishes of your team
  • Documentation of all course content and certificate of participation


Taking more personal responsibility and improving our self-organization are typical challenges facing us in our working lives. In terms of their jobs, individual employees can therefore look forward to new freedoms in decision-making and responsibilities What often gets overlooked is that this creates its own new set of challenges. A heavy workload and constant availability can quickly lead to further stress and eventually burnout.

Add to this the current coronavirus crisis, which is forcing many people to work from home. Suddenly, many people are asking themselves how they can possibly get their current project done when they have to take care of their children at the same time. And even if the solutions aren’t all so simple; we believe that, ultimately, the question is not “Why do I never have any time?” but rather “How do I make time?” This requires developing an awareness of one’s own self-management and time management habits along with methods and tools for better managing one’s own time – as individuals and on the team level. And those are things a person can learn and practice.

This training is aimed at anyone who looks at their calendar and says, “I don’t actually have any time for a training like this.” But all jokes aside, our training is perfect for you if you want to reflect on your own self-management and time management habits and are open to new ideas.

After this training, you will

  • be familiar with new approaches and models
  • have tried them out in real life
  • found out what actually works for you
  • met new people and got some new ideas from them
  • Getting to know your own biorhythm and using it as a starting point
  • My time-suckers: Who or what is robbing me of my time?
  • Setting and pursuing clear goals and priorities
  • Effective tools and techniques for planning your day and week
  • Juggling it all: new approaches to avoid becoming overworked
  • Simple methods for increasing mindfulness and managing stress

Our live virtual training is stimulating and interactive. We offer you valuable nuggets of information that teach you new approaches and techniques. Try them out and reflect on the opportunities and risks together with the other participants. You will periodically have the opportunity to reflect on your own time- and self-management habits and to incorporate experiences from your own day-to-day work. This way, you will get some new ideas and then apply and test them out on your own during the two transfer modules.


Jakob Hasselgruber & Rupert Prossinagg

Your trainers, Jakob Hasselgruber and Rupert Prossinagg, believe that good time and self-management depend on a person’s attitude and having the right tools and methods at their disposal. Anyone can and should discover for themselves what really works for them. Rupert Prossinagg will be offering a morning training session; Jakob Hasselgruber’s training will be held in the late afternoon.

Are you interested in this training?

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Course Languages

We offer the course in the following languages:

german, english