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Virtual management and leadership

Acquire the skills you need for virtual management and leadership. We’ve prepared a brief interactive course just for managers.

Virtual management and leadership upon request

Course languages: german, english

At a glance

  • Brief course to prepare you for virtual management (virtual team leadership, virtual presentation skills, virtual collaboration tools, etc.)
  • 3 × 3-hour live virtual training sessions (via Zoom)
  • Tailored specifically to the needs of managers – in the form of a (virtual) in-house training for your organization

The coronavirus crisis has suddenly forced many companies and organizations to have most of their teams work virtually. For the time being, there will be no more meetings around the conference table, conversations in the kitchen or brief chats in passing. Employees are working from home but still want to be able to work effectively in their teams and organizations.

In light of this situation, many managers are asking themselves how they can effectively lead their teams using virtual platforms. What are the best ways to conduct virtual meetings (with all of these sudden changes)? What tools can we use for this? How can virtual decision-making and brainstorming be facilitated most effectively? What traps need to be avoided? We will address these and several other questions in our course and help your team get prepared for virtual collaboration.

The course is designed for managers working at any level and in any industry who want to prepare themselves and their teams to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities afforded by virtual collaboration. We provide helpful tips on using virtual collaboration tools as well as a chance to try out new virtual platforms in a “sandbox” environment and share ideas with other managers. You will also learn useful presentation and leadership skills for virtual times like these. It’s a great chance to add some new tools to your toolbox.

  • Tools: During the sessions, we will demonstrate the most useful tools for virtual collaboration.
  • Topics covered: We share our most valuable insights on the topics of virtual presentation skills, virtual teamwork and virtual leadership with you – so you can benefit from our experience.
  • Team: We gather your specific questions and needs and then come up with solutions together with your whole team. This way everyone can learn from each other and try out various collaboration tools for themselves.

This training is a virtual and interactive live course via Zoom. Other tools we will use include Mural and Mentimeter. Our course employs a combination of the following methods:

  • Interactive input and ideas from the coaches
  • Working virtually with the whole group
  • Helpful discussions in small virtual groups

Are you interested in this training?

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Course Languages

We offer the course in the following languages:

german, english