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Train the Trainer

From financial accounting to mindfulness in the workplace – any kind of training can be made interesting. Get your teaching skills and methods up to speed for your next training.

Train the Trainer Appointments upon request

Course languages: german, english, spanish, french

At a glance

  • We come to you – in Germany, elsewhere in Europe or around the globe.
  • We offer this training in German, English, Spanish and French.
  • From a single 2-day training block to 6 days of train-the-trainer sessions (e.g. 3 modules, 2 days each)
  • The product of 30 years of training and consulting experience in more than 70 countries
  • First, we look at your needs and past experiences: how much training experience do attendees already have? What kinds of trainings or seminars will be the main focus? What’s challenging?
  • Preliminary consultation and preliminary online assessment depending on what you are looking for
  • We work with one or two trainers depending on the focus, group size and length of the training.

Organisations are under pressure to move faster and respond to changes in a complex landscape. This is where trainers come into play – trainers who are ahead of the curve. After all, trainings are important to ensuring that organisations and their employees stay on top of their game and can continue to evolve.

But developing and conducting good-quality trainings is also a skill that first requires practice, because as a trainer you will be faced with a whole range of challenges. How do I teach complex content simply and quickly? How do I guide the group process to make learning not only fun but also thorough and ensure good retention? And how do I promote learning success in groups whose members have different levels of knowledge, personality types and cultural backgrounds? Help your organisation grow and let us train your trainers.

This training is for any employee who is planning to teach courses and trainings or hold seminars and workshops in a stimulating learning environment – internally or outside of their organisation. The objectives of our trainings are selected depending on the length and focus. Our attendees generally learn about the following aspects:

  • You expand your own basic methods by coming up with new ideas on how to plan and structure your trainings
  • You become more confident by applying useful psychological and didactic concepts and gaining a better understanding of group dynamics.
  • You hone your skills as a trainer by reflecting on your own responsibilities and profile
  • You learn to present yourself more professionally in front of groups through numerous exercises and helpful feedback
  • How do people learn and how should this be factored in when planning trainings?
  • How can I be most effective in my role as a trainer?
  • Form follows function: develop and plan training modules and entire courses
  • Tools of the trade for each phase of the training – tailored to the content you will be teaching
  • Less is more: breaking down complex concepts into learning units and selecting specific areas of focus
  • What’s the best way to verbalise my thoughts? Explaining yourself clearly and concisely
  • Effective media and visualisation methods for teaching
  • Navigating group dynamics and keeping learning groups on-task and motivated
  • Developing your own course modules directly during our training
  • A friendly, workshop-like atmosphere where you can tackle specific challenges you will encounter in everyday training situations

First, we discuss your exact needs, desired content and the participants’ own experiences. Based on this, we then prepare a concept for our train-the-trainer session on your premises. Our guiding principle: we practice what we preach. Every so often we switch to the meta-level and demonstrate how we go about leading groups ourselves and promote learning. By setting an example and providing numerous hands-on exercises, attendees experience first-hand what constitutes a good-quality training. Then they incorporate/implement their new ideas straight away in their own course concepts.


Depending on the number of participants and needs, we provide one, two or a whole team of trainers. We consider expertise and experience in the particular field but, more importantly we make sure the trainer is a good match for your organisation. Our motto: A good fit – with healthy dose of contrast.

Are you interested in this training?

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Course Languages

We offer the course in the following languages:

german, english, spanish, french