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Time and self-management

Time and self-management tailored to your needs: making the shift from “Why do I never have any time?” to “How can I plan my life around my goals?”

Time and self-management upon request

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At a glance

  • 1 day in Berlin-Kreuzberg, on the banks of the Spree river
  • Small training group with max. 12 participants
  • Individual self-tests and practical exercises for application in (working) daily life
  • Input on key theoretical aspects
  • Comprehensive manual with tips and tricks for further reading
  • Photo documentation and certificate of participation

Taking more personal responsibility and improving our self-organization are typical challenges facing us in our working lives. In terms of their jobs, individual employees can look forward to new freedoms in decision-making and responsibilities. What often gets overlooked is that these have their own new set of challenges: increasing workloads and constant availability place stress on employees in small and large organizations alike and can lead to overwork.

Employees need new skills to handle these challenges. We believe that, ultimately, the question is not “Why do I never have any time?” but rather “How can I plan my life around my goals?” This requires developing an awareness of one’s own self management and time management habits along with methods and tools for better managing one’s own time – as individuals and on the team level. And those are things a person can learn and practice.

This training is for anyone who looks at their calendar and says, “I don’t actually have any time for a training like this.” In any case, our training is perfect for you if you want to reflect on your own self management and time management habits and are open to new ideas.

Our training demonstrates approaches that can make all the difference. We start off by identifying your individual resources and stressors. In the second step, we examine methods: Which ones have already worked for your organization, and where is there a lack of new ideas? Depending on their individual requirements, we offer participants methods for self management and time management and think ahead to ensure they are able to apply their knowledge to their day-to-day work.

  • Discovering driving forces within you: What are my individual stressors? What motivates me?
  • Knowing and using your own resources and biorhythm
  • My time-suckers: Who or what is robbing me of my time?
  • Daily teamwork at a glance: Where do we encounter challenges? How can they be handled at the team level?
  • Setting and pursuing clear goals and priorities
  • Effective tools and techniques for planning your daily and weekly schedule – on the team level and individually
  • Managing constant information overload: the “getting things done” approach
  • Effective methods for managing stress
  • Juggling it all: new approaches to avoid becoming overworked
  • Simple methods for increasing mindfulness and managing stress

During our training, we alternate between brief segments of theory, practical exercises and reflection. We offer you valuable nuggets of theory that teach you new approaches and techniques. Try these out on your own and discuss the various opportunities and risks with other participants. You will regularly have the opportunity to reflect on your own time and self management habits and to incorporate experiences from your own day-to-day work. Here we believe that a lively, collegial discussion on an even playing field to facilitate group learning is especially important. This will help you to come up with new ideas and, ultimately, to integrate new routines into your daily life.

This training is conducted as an open course in German language only. If you want to participate, please register here.


Jakob Hasselgruber

Your trainer, Jakob Hasselgruber, firmly believes that good time management and self management are not innate abilities and instead depend on a person’s attitude and having the right tools and methods at their disposal. Having worked for many years both as an internal project manager as well as a freelance coach and trainer, Jakob Hasselgruber understands nearly every aspect of self-organization. During his trainings and consulting sessions, he offers his full range of experience and expertise – digital and analogue.

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