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More confidence and assertiveness for your negotiators: train your employees in interest-based negotiation with the Harvard method.

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Course languages: german, english, spanish, french

At a glance

  • We come to you – in Germany, elsewhere in Europe or around the globe.
  • We offer this training in German, English, French and Spanish.
  • 2-day training session or personal coaching (easily combinable with our communication training)
  • At least 70% hands-on with exercises and simulations
  • First, we look at your needs and negotiating situations: What specific challenges are involved? Where do you need to see new momentum?
  • With 12 or more participants, we work with two trainers

“I probably could have made more of that…” “Somehow, I feel taken advantage of…” “If I had been better prepared…” “A good outcome, but will they be willing to come to the table again…?” Perhaps your own employees have found themselves asking similar questions after negotiations. And the success of negotiations can be pivotal in terms of business performance, project partnerships, business relationships, keeping the peace in companies and teamwork.

The Harvard concept of interest-based negotiation provides the principles and techniques that really matter. Applied throughout each step of the process, it helps your employees not only to achieve better negotiation outcomes; it also improves the relationship with your negotiating partners and lays the groundwork for long-term partnerships. In other words, the fabled “win-win” situation is easier to achieve – whether it’s coordinating project plans internally, overseeing budget negotiations or preparing contracts for a business partnership.

This training is for all employees and managers who currently have to deal with negotiating situations or will in the future. The objective of the training is to enable participants to achieve the best possible outcomes and at the same time foster a positive relationship with the other party, to understand and improve their own negotiating position and to polish their unique negotiation style. We provide you with practical tools and techniques to prepare you for your next negotiation.

  • Principles, procedures and techniques for successful negotiation with the Harvard method
  • Getting to know your own negotiating style and expanding your repertoire
  • Identifying the interests of the negotiating parties and differentiating between personal and objective aspects
  • Finding solutions that are beneficial to both sides instead of engaging in posturing and locking horns
  • Dealing constructively with “dirty tricks”, difficult situations and challenging negotiators
  • Becoming familiar with and using helpful tools to prepare for negotiations on your own or as a team
  • Considering specific intercultural aspects during negotiations
  • Simulating your employees’ typical negotiating situations

We plan our in-house training specifically to meet the needs of your employees. For example, we can focus on specific negotiating situations or particularly challenging negotiating partners in the context of your own work. The guiding principle is always to make our trainings interactive. In addition to brief segments of input from the trainers, you can try out many practical negotiating exercises in a one-on-one or team setting. You receive feedback from: the trainer and group in a non-threatening setting. To complement the practical focus of the training, we also include pragmatic analyses and evaluations of participants’ negotiating experience along with role playing.


Depending on the number of participants and your specific needs, we provide one, two or a whole team of trainers. We consider expertise and experience in the particular field but, more importantly we make sure the trainer is a good match for your organisation. Our motto: A good fit – with healthy dose of contrast.

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Course Languages

We offer the course in the following languages:

german, english, spanish, french