HARVARD Negotiation Training

Get better results and become more confident as a negotiator: let us train your skills in interest-based negotiation with the Harvard method. 

HARVARD Negotiation Training

We’re in constant negotiations: reconciling project planning, discussing raises, bargaining over contracts, laying the groundwork for collaboration. In order to get productive results and build solid cooperation, we have to balance competing interests and overcome entrenched positions. If we’re successful, we end up with not only short-term gains but also long-lasting, trusting relationships.

The Harvard method of constructive negotiation provides the tools for this purpose. The method has been used successfully worldwide since its introduction in the 1980s, with further refinement leading to its use beyond business and politics.

In this two-day training course you will become familiar with the principles of negotiation according to the Harvard concept and learn to put the methods to use. Through reflection on your own negotiating style you will broaden and strengthen your skills as a leader, consultant or business partner.

Training contents

  • Understand the Harvard negotiating method’s principles, steps and techniques
  • Explore your negotiating style and develop your options
  • Identify negotiating parties’ interests, distinguishing the personal from the factual
  • Bring about profitable solutions for all sides instead of remaining stuck in turf battles
  • Deal constructively with “dirty tricks”, difficult situations and challenging negotiating partners
  • Take into account intercultural distinctions when negotiating

Time and place
This two-day course, conducted in English, takes place in our seminar rooms in Berlin.
On our German website you can find informations about our next course in German.

Costs and services

The registration fee is 1.150 € and includes:

  • Personal interview about your experience and expectations (by phone or e-mail)
  • Two-day training
  • Training materials, including required and recommended reading
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Photo documentation

If you would like training tailored to the needs of your organisation, we will work with you on a time frame and conditions. We will be glad to send you a quote, and we look forward to your inquiry.


As the course is conducted in German, you can register here.