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Facilitating virtual meetings and workshops: a virtual live training session

Our crash course in virtual facilitation – live, stimulating and informative.

Facilitating virtual meetings and workshops: a virtual live training session upon request

Course language: german

At a glance

  • Brief course to “get you in shape” for facilitation using virtual platforms
  • 3×3 hours virtual live training sessions (via Zoom)
  • Invitation to a technical check in advance
  • Small training group (max. 12 participants),  supervised by 2 experienced moderators
  • For people who want (or currently have to) facilitate virtual meetings and workshops
  • Comprehensive manual with tips and tricks for further reading, photo documentation and certificate of participation

Today’s working world is becoming more mobile all the time – a fact also reflected by the availability of various platforms for interaction: video and phone conferences, meetings and workshops via Zoom, MS Teams, etc. have all become commonplace. Despite the increasing shift towards virtual meetings and constant technology improvements, there are still numerous challenges that have to be dealt with to ensure virtual meetings can actually be effective and stimulating.

This is where facilitation comes into play, as virtual communication requires proper structuring, visualization and methods for interaction. And all of this depends on setting out clear goals and having a critical view of whether and how a given virtual workshop can be carried out effectively. Our virtual live training session offers you the right tips, tools and techniques for this.

This training is ideal for presenters and facilitators who want (or have to) conduct virtual workshops and meetings and who also want to acquire the skills they need to handle the challenges as well as seize on the opportunities presented by virtual workshops.

Gain an overview of the possibilities offered by virtual interaction platforms and learn what it takes to conduct effective, stimulating virtual workshops. Explore a range of methods and add some new tools to your personal toolbox. Useful tips and the chance to test out your own sequences give you the extra confidence you need, so that after the training you will be ready to facilitate your next virtual meeting right away.

Your next virtual workshop might look like this…

(example in German)

  • Module 1: Connecting people – contact and interaction in virtual spaces (4 May 2020)
  • Module 2: Facilitation 2.0 – keeping discussions on track and getting results (6 May 2020)
  • Module 3: Case clinics – simulating common situations and gaining confidence (8 May 2020)

Our live virtual training is stimulating and interactive. The primary goal is to discover new methods, to reflect on the meta-level as a group and then let you apply these methods yourself. We work together in small groups or pairs and include several interactive elements to help break the ice. We encourage you to come up with your own ideas, test them out and then exchange feedback in a “safe” setting.

This training is conducted as an open course in German language only. If you want to participate, please register here.


Nora Berg-Krebs & Rupert Prossinagg

Nora Berg-Krebs and Rupert Prossinagg believe that while it may not be possible to transfer everything from the “analogue” world over to the virtual world, virtual meetings and workshops can still be facilitated in surprisingly interactive and stimulating ways. Both trainers will show you how and help facilitate your own virtual sessions professionally and in ways you will find rewarding.

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