Moderation & Facilitation Basic

On request, we are happy to offer the training cource as an in-house training. In case of interest, please, contact us directly.Das nächste Moderation & Facilitation Training in deutscher Sprache findet vom 13. bis zum 15. November 2019 statt. Für weitere Informationen klicken Sie hier oder kontaktieren Sie uns direkt.

Moderation & Facilitation Basic

A lively exchange of ideas can be a wonderful thing but can also get out hand – everyone talking at once in one moment, periods of uneasy silence in the next. This is where facilitators come in. The literal meaning of facilitation illustrates the core idea of what facilitators do: they “enable” dialogue and “ease” group discussion. This is what our professionals do.


Through our training you will learn the conceptual foundations of facilitation and, most important, gain practical experience in front of the group.

Training contents

  • Facilitation roles and functions
  • Principals of facilitation
  • The facilitation cycle
  • Tools and formats for group discussions
  • Question techniques and body language
  • Tips and tricks of visualization
  • Handling challenging situations and groups
  • Personal facilitation styles and practical exercises in facilitation


moderation-facilitationSteffi Leupold has many years of experience in giving the training “Moderation Skills & Facilitation”.

She is an experienced facilitator and trainer who designs formats for further education, training and events at conferences and meetings. She relies on interactive and participatory methods to facilitate dialogue, exchanges and mutual learning.


Time and place

The course lasts two days and takes place in the denkmodell seminar rooms in Berlin. It is designed for a minimum of six and a maximum of 12 participants and conducted in English.

Costs and services

The fee is 1.080 € and includes the following:

  • Individual interview about your prior experience and your expectations
  • Two days of training
  • Training documents, including course reading and recommended further reading
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Photo documentation

If you would like to book this course for your entire team or a group of colleagues, please contact us directly. We can also do on-site training at your company and, if desired, develop a customised programme according to your needs. We will match the training contents and instructional methods to your organisation and the participants’ previous knowledge. For any questions or further information, please contact us at


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