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Moderation & Facilitation Advanced

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Moderation & Facilitation Advanced upon request

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At a glance

  • 2 days in Berlin-Kreuzberg, right on the banks of the Spree river
  • Small training group with 6 to 8 participants
  • Detailed preliminary assessment of your past experiences and expectations
  • Accompanying manual to provide in-depth readings with all training content, methods as well as tips and tricks for future reference
  • Photo documentation and certificate of attendance

Whether you are dealing with tedious decision-making processes, tension in the air or unproductive meetings, anyone who is regularly tasked with the role of facilitator or moderator will have encountered many challenges – or even outright confrontations – that can crop up when working with groups. Even if there are rarely any standard prescriptions or easy answers, the right technique, taking a clear stand and asking the group very specific, “challenging” questions can help you manage even difficult situations.

During our advanced training course, intensive group sessions give you an opportunity to work on your moderation and facilitation style, to expand your repertoire of techniques and to test and practice new types of facilitation. You will gain insights into useful models that help us identify obstacles and difficulties, making it easier to find the right solutions and to manage groups professionally and in a goal-oriented way that yields results. At the end, both you, as a facilitator, and the group will leave feeling positive.

The advanced training course is aimed at anyone who has completed the Moderation & Facilitation course. We also encourage people who already have plenty of practical experience in moderation and facilitation to attend. During a brief preliminary consultation, we determine whether this advanced course is right for you.

The objective is to expand and refine your individual facilitation and moderation skills, become familiar with new methods and tailor proven methods to meet your very specific needs. This will allow you to offer a range of formats for different situations and target audiences.

  • Clarity from the outset: Defining terms and scope of work with customers
  • Targeted (systemic) questioning
  • Platforms for facilitation in large groups: What is appropriate in which situations?
  • Handling conflicts and “difficult” participants
  • Tips for facilitating virtual meetings
  • Visualisation and imagery
  • Creative enhancement and personalisation of methods and instruments
  • Simulation exercises with video recording

The training method relies on practical exercises and intensive group discussions, enabling you to evaluate your own practical experiences with facilitation and interact with others in a friendly atmosphere. Simulation exercises recorded on video allow you to intensively examine your own facilitation style.

This training is conducted as an open course in German language only. If you want to participate, please register here.

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