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Facilitation as a way to cultivate a vibrant atmosphere, constructive dialog and to achieve real results in groups.

Facilitation upon request

Course language: german

At a glance

  • 2,5 days in Berlin-Kreuzberg, right on the banks of the Spree river
  • Small training group with max. 12 participants
  • Continuation of the training in a 2-day advanced training possible
  • Comprehensive manual with extensive recommendations, all training contents, methods as well as tips and tricks for further reading
  • Photo documentation and certificate of participation

An animated exchange of opinions in the group can be tremendously pleasant – but often also quite tremendous. Sometimes everyone talks at the same time, then again anxious silence spreads. This is where facilitators come in. As facilitator we structure the discussion process, steer the group and secure results.

Whether someone facilitates the Oscar nomination or a project team meeting: no facilitator has yet fallen from the sky, and it always takes practice. Our facilitation training gives you plenty of opportunity to learn more about the role of facilitators and to learn methods and instruments for structuring and steering discussions. You will consolidate your personal moderation style and learn to act confidently even in challenging situations.


This training is for anyone who intends or has to be in the role of facilitator during meetings, workshops, conferences or panel discussions.

Participants learn the basic concepts of facilitation, giving them the right level of confidence when choosing the appropriate methods. In this way you will gain confidence for your next assignment as a facilitator.

  • Roles, tasks and principles of facilitation
  • Planning and structuring workflows with the help of the facilitation cycle
  • Targeted (systemic) questioning
  • Not rocket science: tips and tricks for visualisation
  • Targeted use of body language and presentation style when facilitating
  • Tools and platforms for group discussion
  • Handling conflicts and “difficult” participants
  • Tips for facilitating virtual meetings
  • Personal facilitation styles and practical exercises for facilitation

Our facilitation training method relies on the practical application of all course content. We discuss about facilitation and apply the techniques simultaneously. In different exercises, exchange formats and simulations, the participants moderate each other and then evaluate together. Feedback from the trainer and group enables participants to be more conscientious in how they use their individual strengths while also identifying where they have learning potential.

This training is conducted as an open course in German language only. If you want to participate, please register here.


Steffi Leupold is our moderation and facilitation trainer. She has many years of experience in facilitation in national and international contexts. During her training sessions, she enjoys sharing her passion for working with groups. She creates learning environments where participants can test things out, experiment and push their boundaries – all in the “safety” of our training sessions. Ms Leopold regularly offers this workshop as an open course or as an in-house training session in English and German.

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