Design Thinking in Consulting and Facilitation

As part of the open course programme, the training is currently held in German. On request, however, we are happy to offer it in English or as an in-house training.

Design Thinking in Consulting and Facilitation

Innovations are currently causing rapid changes – in our working environment as much as in our everyday lives. Therefore, it is all the more important for an organisation or a freelancer to keep up the pace, to promote creative, valuable improvements and offer new services or products. Design Thinking is a method to solve complex problems in a team, and to develop user-oriented, meaningful innovations.

In our two-day training we offer:

  • On day 1 practical experience: Our two-day Design Thinking training leads you through the entire Design Thinking process. In this way, you will put the method directly into practice.
  • On day 2 methodolical reflection: We will examine the individual stages in more detail and answer practice-oriented questions, in order to effectively apply Design Thinking in consulting and workshop moderation.

In examining the method, the focus lies on the concerns of the participants and usually includes questions sucIMG_0888 (Kopie)h as: which challenges does the Design Thinking process entail with regards to workshop moderation? How can the consultants adequately meet these challenges? What are the prerequisites for a successful Design Thinking process? How are Design Thinking teams assembled? What premises and facilities are required? What entails a Design Thinking Micro-Timing? Which elements of the method are suited to which group and at what time? etc.

By the end of the training, you’ll be ready for your next Design Thinking job – having learned both in practice and on the consulting meta-level what it means to work in a flexible, iterative way and how to “think with your hands”.

Aim & Contents: run-through a Design Thinking process & enhancing repertoire of methods

Our Design Thinking method training addresses consultants and trainers wishing to expand their repertoire and improve the innovative potential of their clients in a sensible and purposeful way. The aim of the training is to gain practical insight into the Design Thinking approach and to elucidate every stage by asking specific questions – also from the perspective of a workshop moderator. You will be given various tools and resources, which you can directly use in your own work.

Approach: practical experience & interactive reflexion

Methodologically, the training is composed of a mixture of practical Design Thinking Trainingapplication, input and group analysis. Intensive exercises are complemented by input data and reflection. The Design Thinking method will be put directly into practice by conducting user interviews, and developing and testing prototypes. In analysis and feedback rounds the participants will have the opportunity to compare their observations and experiences, give each other advice and draw together ideas on how to integrate everything subsequently in the professional context. The detailed examination of the individual stages on the meta-level makes it possible to answer questions regarding the individual methods, the exercises or the entire process.

Trainers: Design Thinking coaches

design-thinking-trainingThe training is lead by two denkmodell consultants: Julian-G. Mehler and Désirée Bösemüller. One of whom has been qualified in systemic organisational development, has had many years of professional training experience, and is furthermore specialised in Design Thinking, Agility and Innovation Consulting, whereas the second trainer is a certified Design Thinker.

You can read more about our trainers and our team here.

General Information

The training lasts two days and takes place in Berlin, in the seminar rooms of denkmodell. As part of the open course programme, the training is currently held in German.

On request, however, we are happy to offer it in English or as an in-house training.

The two-day training costs 1.080€ (incl. VAT). This includes:

  • Prior individual Q&A about your experiences and expectations
  • Two-day interactive training following the method
  • Training materials on the Design Thinking method as well as tips & suggestions for further reading
  • Design Thinking method booklet
  • Participation certificate
  • Photo Documentation

You will receive more information on the programme details four weeks prior to start of the training.


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