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Design Thinking

So what’s all the fuss about? Learn the user-centred design thinking approach and draw your own conclusions.

Design Thinking Appointments upon request

Course languages: german, english, spanish, french

At a glance

  • We come to you – in Germany, elsewhere in Europe or around the globe.
  • Available in German or English.
  • 1 to 2-day training (easily combinable with the training in agile methods)
  • First, we take a look at your needs: What’s challenging? Where can a few simple tips and tricks quickly have a noticeable impact?
  • With 6 or more participants, we work with two trainers
  • Preliminary online assessment to take inventory of past experiences and participants’ specific needs

Want to promote innovation within your organisation and maintain your customer focus at the same time? Or are you critical and doubtful of this approach – but never actually tried out design thinking for yourself? We believe in trying things out first and then deciding whether they are sensible – or just nonsense. Explore the simple as well as challenging aspects of the design thinking process with your own test run – ideally with a real example from your organisation and potentially with the actual users themselves.

During a training, we reflect on each phase together with the other participants and try out various methods. What should I be applying in my own organisation in what situations and why? And, more importantly, what should I not be applying in what situations and why? Together with the other participants, we develop specific “trial balloons” for design thinking or certain aspects of it – for daily operations in your organisation. We also provide sound insights into our design thinking processes and allow you to learn from our mistakes.

The training is intended for managers, teams, “agile cells” (organisational units working with agile methods) or organisations that want to or should be driving customer-focused innovation.

The goal of the training is to offer a hands-on opportunity to try out the design thinking approach and enable participants to become more confident and insightful in applying agile work principles. You become familiar with variations of certain methods and test the approach on an actual use case, paving the way towards applying them to your own everyday work.

  • What is innovation? And why is the difference between complex and complicated so important?
  • What is design thinking and what can it achieve?
  • Practice run of a design thinking scenario
  • Detailed reflection on the individual phases and applying method variations
  • Preconditions, limitations and challenges of design thinking processes
  • Specific “trial balloons” and transfer opportunities for your organisation
  • Perspectives on agile attitudes and principles

Our training is all about first-hand experience and reflection: complete a design thinking process, try out variations of different methods, consider the limitations and “nonsense” of the approach. The whole time we work with your own examples and at the end of the training develop specific ways to put the whole set of approaches into practice in your everyday work for a lasting impact. We provide the resources and materials that you can then apply straight away. We place particular emphasis on a basic philosophy of agility – because design thinking is useless without collaboration and empathy.


Depending on the number of participants and needs, we provide one, two or a whole team of trainers. We consider expertise and experience in the particular field but, more importantly we make sure the trainer is a good match for your organisation. Our motto: A good fit – with healthy dose of contrast.

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Course Languages

We offer the course in the following languages:

german, english, spanish, french