Consulting & Organisational Development

Developing organisations and managing changes: our training is for anyone responsible for setting wheels in motion and who wants to promote effective change processes.

Consulting & Organisational Development

The denkmodell training “Consulting & Organisational Development” qualifies you to consult organisations, teams, networks and managers in learning and change processes. You will gain conceptual knowledge and methodological skills and you will develop your very own personal consultant profile – wether as an external or as an inhouse consultant in the departments of HR & Organisation.

To us, organisational development means supporting businesses and organisations to reach their goals and effectively utilise and further develop their resources while doing so. The employees’ knowledge, motivation, and passion should have an effect on meaningful structures and work processes. In our two-year training course, you will become qualified to consult organisations, teams, networks, and managers in learning and change processes.


In our training course “Consulting & Organisational Development”, we operate on three levels:

  • A conceptual map of organisational consulting provides you with orientation and an indepth understanding of the functioning and dynamics of change processes. We convey to you the fundamental principles of two important schools of organisational development: the systemic and the Gestalt-oriented approach. In doing so, we will bring the classics as well as current trends into focus.
  • Methods & Instruments: After the course, you will have a full set of methods and instruments at your disposal. As an external or inhouse consultant, you may employ and adapt them to the client’s requests and your own personality.
  • Consulting Approach: You will gain clarity about the consultant role as well as knowledge of your own perceptual and self-monitoring patterns. This also entails work on your personal consultant profile.

Elements of all three levels are included with varying degrees of emphasis in all modules of the training course.

The course is conducted in German.


Experienced denkmodell trainer design and facilitate the training with their individual professional focal points. Each trainer has completed a training in organisational development and has several years of practical experience as a consultant or coach. Guest speakers join individual sequences to provide impulses, case studies or to deepen selected aspects.



Participants in our training course are at least 29 years of age and have at least three years of professional experience in personnel development, training, management, consulting, or related fields. They actively integrate their diverse industry knowledge and expertise, experience, and perspectives into the course. They all share the desire to work as consultants for change management during or following their training, either externally or within their companies. The number of participants is between 12 and 22.


The course has a duration of two years and is designed to be completed parallel to your work. The three to five-day modules take place in the seminar rooms at denkmodell GmbH in Berlin, or at venues in Berlin’s surroundings. The in-class modules will in part be prepared for with online courses. Further information on the duration, contents, and concept of the modules can be found in our course broschure (German only). Dates and places can be found in the detailled course calendar (German only) calendar.

Request information or arrange a preliminary interview

Before registration, we conduct preliminary interviews with all interested parties. If you are interested in the training course or require further information, please contact us and make an appointment with one of the trainers. The interview allows us to get to know one another. In this way, we can learn more about your interests and expectations and you have the opportunity to resolve all of your personal, detailed questions about the course.

The training course “Consulting & Organisational Development” is conducted as an open course in German language only. If you want to participate, please register here. Moreover, we offer inhouse trainings for internal consultants or change agents with a tailor-made curriculum for your enterprise or public institution also in English or French. In the case of interest, please contact us directly.