Consulting & Organisational Development

Developing organisations and managing changes: our training is for anyone responsible for setting wheels in motion and who wants to promote effective change processes.

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At a glance

  • 2 years, extra-occupational
  • Learn our consulting approach: systemic, Gestalt and agile
  • 3 to 5-day modules in Berlin or at meeting locations in Berlin region
  • Max. 22 participants with variety of industry expertise
  • Classroom modules, online courses, self-organised learning and hands-on experience
  • Your trainers: 5 consultants with many years of experience

The denkmodell Consulting & Organisational Development programme teaches you the skills needed to guide organisations, teams, networks and managers through their learning and change processes. You learn concepts and methods while developing your own consultant profile – as an external consultant or person who is closely involved in your company’s internal HR and organisational activities.

For us, “developing” organisations means preparing people to set out clear goals, structures and processes and to combine them into a single, highly functional whole. Our two-year extra-occupational training programme teaches consultants the skills they need to guide organisations, teams, networks and managers through their various learning and change processes.


Participants already have a broad background: both life experience and professional experience as well as an eagerness to learn together with others. All attendees are at least 29 years of age and have a minimum of three years professional experience in HR development, consulting, training or related disciplines.

Our training groups are made up of 12 to 22 participants – usually people working in the areas of HR and organisation as well as internal and external consultants from a range of different disciplines The various industry and technical expertise as well as individual backgrounds are an important foundation for working with real scenarios, creating a constructive and welcoming atmosphere and completing group learning projects – all while stimulating lively discussions and professional growth.

To get an impression of our training programme, have a look at the denkmodell blog (German only).


Elements of all three are emphasised to differing degrees in all of the modules of the training programme.

  • The training programme takes two years and is extra-occupational. The three to five-day modules are completed in the classrooms at denkmodell GmbH in Berlin or other locations in the Berlin region. Online courses are offered in preparation for some of the classroom modules. For more information on the length, content and concept of the modules, please refer to our programme brochure. For dates and an overview of the modules, see our training calendar.


This training is conducted as an open course in German language only. If you want to participate, please register here.


Experienced denkmodell trainers plan and facilitate the training modules in their particular focus areas. All of them have many years of training in organisational development and experience working as trainers or coaches. Some modules also include guest speakers to provide ideas, to present real-life examples and to explore certain aspects in greater depth.

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