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Change Management

Initiating and playing an active role in change processes – in a way that lets you see change as an opportunity instead of a burden. Let us help you be prepared.

Change Management Appointments upon request

Course languages: german, english, spanish, french

At a glance

  • We come to you – in Germany, elsewhere in Europe or around the globe.
  • We offer this training in German, English, Spanish and French.
  • 1 to 5-day training, coaching or virtual change trainings for your organisation (easily combinable with trainings on agile methods or project management)
  • First, we take a look at your needs: What changes are on the agenda, or what changes are already in progress? What’s challenging? Where do you need to see new momentum?
  • Depending on your requirements, we add a second trainer for groups of at least 8 or 12 participants.

Does it seem like you are going through or initiating one change process after the next, but nothing really seems to change much overall? Does the office grapevine still seem more transparent than any actual change processes? Are people becoming more vocal in their opposition – explicitly or otherwise? Although change is part of our daily work, it’s often hard to bring about the kind of transformations that are really needed.

We begin our training with an overview of the phases of the change process (based on the Gestalt cycle). Depending on your needs, we take specific examples from your organisation and then work through the main success factors: participation, dealing with resistance and good communication during the change process. It is especially important for us to contemplate and see changes through to the end – because this is something that frequently gets neglected in the hustle and bustle of everyday work. But incomplete change processes can bog down an organisation over time, which is something that needs to be avoided.

The training is intended for managers, project managers, HR officers, internal trainers who are involved in change projects in their organisations or who (want to) initiate and are (or would like to be) actively involved in them.

The aim is to ensure participants are well-prepared the next time they have to make a change. Certain aspects may be more or less important depending on the role in the organisation and specific needs: learning to assess change requirements, defining change goals and planning change projects as well as handling resistance and communicating about changes professionally. No matter where your focus lies, participants will return to work with new insights and tools to help them be more active in change processes.

  • Stages of a change process (gestalt cycle of the change and learning)
  • Gestalt laws of perception, constructivism, reality constructs
  • Success factors for participants in change projects
  • Estimating people’s willingness and desire to make changes: The Beckhard and Gleicher energy formula
  • Structures that promote and stifle motivation
  • Planning methods for change projects
  • Recognising and dealing with different types of resistance
  • Requirements for change communication processes
  • Evaluating and concluding change processes

When working out the details of the training, we identify participants’ specific needs and experiences. We then use this information as the basis for planning the training: we apply practical approaches to all content, experiment in a non-threatening environment and then reflect during intense group discussions. In each instance, we briefly provide some theoretical input as a general frame of reference. Ideally, we apply the Gestalt cycle to the participants’ own examples, because the best way to learn is with actual examples.


Depending on the number of participants and needs, we provide one, two or a whole team of trainers. We consider expertise and experience in the particular field but, more importantly we make sure the trainer is a good match for your organisation. Our motto: A good fit – with healthy dose of contrast.

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Course Languages

We offer the course in the following languages:

german, english, spanish, french