Our trainings help you make real progress.

Our training offer for you.

Do you want to develop on a personal level and expand your skills? We offer the training you need – in a lively atmosphere, with interesting participants and in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg. Get inspired. We look forward to seeing you and will be happy to advise!

Our training offer for your organisation.

Do want to provide training sessions to your employees that make a real difference? We develop training modules that are tailored to your needs and challenges – ambitious and inspiring. Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you!

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in 2019 in Germany and around the world.



have been home to our training sessions since our founding.



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Trainings for your organisation

Tailored-made, in-house training.
Let us advise you.

Our recipe for success: First, we listen to you closely. Then we develop the right modules. Benefit from our wealth of experience gained from 30 years of training and consultancy.

Facilitating virtual meetings and workshops: a virtual live training session

Our crash course in virtual facilitation – live, stimulating and informative.

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Virtual time management training

Best of time management – discover the tools your team really needs.

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Virtual management and leadership

Acquire the skills you need for virtual management and leadership. We’ve prepared a brief interactive course just for managers.

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Mindful Self-Leadership: Virtuelles Live-Training

Raus aus dem Hamsterrad: Entdecken Sie Achtsamkeit als Schlüsselkompetenz für Ihren persönlichen Umgang mit Stress.

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Agile Methods

Design thinking, Scrum, Kanban, lean and self-organisation: Can’t keep track of it all? Let us help improve your understanding of agile methods.

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More confidence and assertiveness for your negotiators: train your employees in interest-based negotiation with the Harvard method.

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Less office grapevine, more direct communication: communication is the key to successful working relationships.

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Train the Trainer

From financial accounting to mindfulness in the workplace – any kind of training can be made interesting. Get your teaching skills and methods up to speed for your next training.

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Change Management

Initiating and playing an active role in change processes – in a way that lets you see change as an opportunity instead of a burden. Let us help you be prepared.

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Facilitation is a skill that can be learned. Work with us and take your meetings, workshops or conferences to the next level.

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Don’t know how to paint either? No worries, you don’t have to! With some simple tricks, you can make sure your visualisations will have a big impact. We practice all of that, together.

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Organisational Development & Consulting

Internal change experts are playing an increasingly important role in today’s world. We train internal consultants who can also assist in your organisation’s transformation.

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Design Thinking

So what’s all the fuss about? Learn the user-centred design thinking approach and draw your own conclusions.

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Leadership & Management

Make your strengths work for you. Find direction. Enable development. Is your management style making any measurable difference?

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Self- & Time Management

Self-management tailored to your needs and with a team-based focus to address questions such as “Why don’t I ever have any time?” and “How do we work together to create more time?”

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Virtual Teamwork

Remote work and flexibility – a blessing or a curse? How can teams work together virtually without sacrificing cohesion within the team?

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Project Management

Conventional or agile: our trainings give you the top tools for your success in project management.

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Our training modules can be combined with one another, expanded or shortened. We will be happy to advise you.


“Thank you for your great seminar. Monday and Tuesday were the perfect start of our ‘communication avalanche,’ which is now well under way. I feel that you truly guided our seminar with ‘heart and soul’”.


Andreas Mössler, Pirelli Deutschland GmbH, July 2014
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Training sessions for you personally

Our open training programme: register now!

Take a decisive step forwards with our training sessions: make use of our experience and the perspectives of other participants. We look forward to seeing you and will be happy to advise.

Appointments upon request

HARVARD Negotiation Training

The best solution in a negotiation is not a compromise, but a cooperative agreement with a win-win result.


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Get to know our team!

What’s at the core of our training sessions? The trainers themselves of course. We guide you along your learning journey with expert knowledge, a broad methodological repetoire and a great deal of commitment. See for yourself what we do and get to know us.

Team - Nora Berg-Krebs
Team - Astrid Karg
Team - Sophia von Bonin
Team - Albert Eckert
Team - Gisa Roesen
Team - Philipp Scharff

We offer our training sessions in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

We have been active in this field as trainers and consultants for 30 years – in Germany, elsewhere in Europe and throughout the world. This is why we offer our training sessions in a wide range of languages. Wir freuen uns auf Sie. We look forward to seeing you. Nous serions ravis de faire votre connaissance. Estaríamos muy felices de conocerle. Estamos ansiosos para vê-lo.

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