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Moderation & Facilitation Basic

A lively exchange of ideas can be a wonderful thing but can also get out hand – everyone talking at once in one moment, periods of uneasy silence in the next. This is where facilitators come in. The literal meaning of facilitation illustrates the core idea of what facilitators do: they “enable” dialogue and “ease” group discussion. This is what our professionals do. more on this course

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Moderation & Facilitation Advanced

Those who facilitate regularly know the challenges of constructive facilitation. For two days, you can consolidate your personal style, expand your methodological repertoire, and practice new types of facilitation in a small group. Our two-day advanced training course “Moderation Facilitation” builds on the „Moderation & Facilitation“ training course and goes further into depth. more on this course

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A successful workshop moderation greatly depends on good visualisation. Clear and appealing visualisations on flipcharts and pinboards can motivate the participants and focus their attention. In addition, it can help you, as the presenter, to structure the sequence of the workshop and outline the results convincingly. more on this course

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Design Thinking in Consulting and Facilitation

Innovations are currently causing rapid changes – in our working environment as much as in our everyday lives. Therefore, it is all the more important for an organisation or a freelancer to keep up the pace, to promote creative, valuable improvements and offer new services or products. Design Thinking is a method to solve complex problems in a team, and to develop user-oriented, meaningful innovations. more on this course

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Virtual Teamwork (inhouse-training)

Virtual teams work jointly at different places around the world. The team members – often with different cultural backgrounds – meet rarely in person; sometimes they only know each other from their computer screens. Even the team leader has often only little face-to-face contact with his or her team members. more on this course

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Communication Skills

Successful communication is the key to successful working relationships, whether in leadership, collaboration or negotiation. Those who can appreciate their counterparts, and have genuine discussions and debates with them, have often cleared the greatest hurdle already. more on this course

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Project Management

Managing projects for international cooperation not only demands careful planning and implementation, but also requires the involvement of several collaborators. Project managers in international cooperation must integrate numerous collaborators’ interests and demands. In order to navigate projects successfully in the face of such complexity, methods like Project Cycle Management have been established.  more on this course

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HARVARD Negotiation Training

We’re in constant negotiations: reconciling project planning, discussing raises, bargaining over contracts, laying the groundwork for collaboration. In order to get productive results and build solid cooperation, we have to balance competing interests and overcome entrenched positions. If we’re successful, we end up with not only short-term gains but also long-lasting, trusting relationships. more on this course

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Change Management (online course)

This interactive online seminar shows you the strategies and methods for actively and professionally implementing and guiding change processes in organisations. It is geared to leaders, project managers, personnel developers, trainers and further-education instructors, as well as internal and external consultants. more on this course

March 2018 - January 2020

Consulting & Organisational Development

The denkmodell training “Consulting & Organisational Development” qualifies you to consult organisations, teams, networks and managers in learning and change processes. You will gain conceptual knowledge and methodological skills and you will develop your very personal consultant profile – whether as an external consultant or as an in-house consultants in the departments of HR & Organisation. more on this course