Organisational development

Most organisations, and the people who work for them, want to improve but don’t want to change. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since change isn’t an end in itself. Resistance is a healthy force and needs to be respected, so as consultants we take our clients’ reservations and concerns as seriously as their need for change, focus and stability.

Change is learnable. We therefore guide our clients through change management rather than take over the process ourselves. Depending on the situation, we act as professional interviewer, serve as sounding board or moderator, or provide methods for attaining desired results. We always acknowledge and praise achievements before challenging any outcome. We bring a crucial outside perspective to the process, and offer personal support during challenging times.

Having undergone years of training, our consultants offer intensive practical experience in advising companies, institutions and teams. They all share a systematic, results-orientated approach to their profession that allows them to focus on the big picture while not losing sight of practical details. We are continually going beyond the basics, working toward new ideas, models and concepts based on our practise and research, and in collaboration with international consultant networks.

What we offer

When setting up a contract, we first determine, together with our clients, which aspects of organisational development need attention:

  • Strategy, vision, mission: We help our clients to set unified objectives and to take firm steps toward achieving them.
  • Under the rubric “change management” we design compact, durable transitional models that fit existing organisational structures.
  • Team development: We turn groups into teams and help establish common goals, tasks and working modalities.
  • Communication, negotiation and conflict management: We assist with conflict resolution, facilitate difficult conversations and prepare clients for negotiating situations.
  • In coaching, we offer those with leadership responsibilities a safe place for reflection and feedback.
  • Management and leadership: We support leaders and management teams with transitions, leadership development and the shaping of organisational culture.
  • Training and development: We prepare experts and leaders through customised training programmes.
  • Through forums and networking we facilitate discussions among stakeholders, and enable exchanges, participation and coordination between all parties.
  • Whether working with 2 participants or 2,000, we organise lively, results-orientated dialogue through facilitation and large-group events. We use graphic recording to illustrate work processes and simplify complex results.
  • In project management, we help our clients by giving them practical tools for planning, management, monitoring and evaluation, and projects.
  • With management systems we offer organisations the right infrastructure for accurate management information, knowledge management and online teamwork. Quality-management systems clarify work routines and interfaces.
  • Using reports on strategic issues, staff development, organisational structure or change processes, we offer concise evaluations, implementation-orientated concept papers and practical tools for decision-making.