You focus on the content — we provide the framework

Sometimes good conversation happens by itself. Often, however, it requires guidance and mediation — especially if many voices are trying to be heard, the atmosphere is tense or the topic is complicated. Our facilitation ensures structure, understanding and clear results, regardless of whether 2 people or 200 are involved.

Typical facilitation settings:

  • Workshops for teams, project groups and committees
  • Management retreats, planning workshops and strategy sessions
  • Conferences, conventions and other large-group events
  • Negotiating sessions and conflict resolution

First and foremost, successful facilitation entails bringing event topics, participants’ expectations and the facilitator’s methods into unison. To that end we draw upon a wealth of experience and a range of techniques. These include not only organising workshops and meetings, but also using methods for large-group facilitation, such as:

  • Open Space Technology
  • Future Search
  • World Café
  • Panel discussion
  • Fishbowl discussion
  • Information visualisation and graphic recording

Good facilitation brings conversations to the point, makes events productive and engages participants. Meticulous visualisation of interim steps and outcomes — through posters, charts and handmade signs — ensures that results are tangible in the truest sense of the word. Our training programme provides you with the technical foundations for facilitation and introduces you to the art of visualization.

We do also provide different training programmes in “Moderation & Facilitation”.