Consultants and Trainers

Steffi Leupold

"There is a bundle of energy in every process. I see my task as identifying and channelling this energy."

When Steffi Leupold facilitates team development or strategic planning processes, she delves into the subtleties of complex work and learning processes. One of Steffi’s greatest strengths is her facility for close examination, which she developed through her studies of ethnology and sociology. She later applied her knowledge in Africa and South Asia, where she worked for six years for government and non-profit organisations. It was there that she further expanded her wealth of professional experience in intercultural and interdisciplinary contexts.

As a trained developer for systemic organisations, Steffi travels within Germany and abroad to guide and advise organisations and teams in learning and change processes. She is an experienced facilitator and trainer who designs formats for further education, training and events at conferences and meetings. She relies on interactive and participatory methods to facilitate dialogue, exchanges and mutual learning.

Steffi’s clients include organisations for international cooperation, foundations, associations and public institutions, as well as private enterprises. She has advised government bodies in Kampala, Uganda; facilitated large-scale events for citizens in Brussels; and prepared trainers for political conferences in Prague and Sarajevo.

If Steffi could have any wish, she would pack light, take plenty of time and travel the world with her family, stopping along the way for whale-watching whenever possible.

Professional focus

  • Facilitation of large-group processes
  • Team development
  • Planning and strategy development
  • Cooperation management and stakeholder dialogues
  • Facilitation training and trainer training


  • German
  • English