Consultants and Trainers

Marcus Quinlivan

"The solution to complex problems begins simply: step by step, one foot in front of the other."

In another life Marcus Quinlivan might have built expedition ships – safe, elegant, inviting vessels to reach the farthest corners of the earth. This affinity for exploration helps him see his work in organisational development as a navigational tool for leaders, teams and companies.

Ever since he studied biology, physics, geography and sociology, Marcus has been fascinated by how different perspectives come to bear on one subject. After training at the Institute for Systemic Consulting near Heidelberg he has been able to put this interest to great use for clients at home and abroad – first at an international consulting firm and then, since 2007, at denkmodell, where he became managing director in 2011. His professional passion is the harmonious interplay between “hard” and “soft” factors in strategy development, reorganisation and the implementation of technical systems.

In this capacity Marcus pays special attention to the role of leaders, who provide both direction and creative leeway. His clients worldwide benefit from this insight.

Professional focus

  • Management training
  • Process consulting
  • Reorganisation
  • Strategy development
  • Facilitation


  • German
  • English