Consultants and Trainers

Lucia Herden

"As a consultant, I can provide support and interpret that which, in its vision, has become temporarily blurred.”

From an early age, Lucia Herden has been fascinated by foreign countries and cultures. During high school she spent one year in Ecuador, and later studied International Management in Reutlingen and Madrid. With the aim of expanding her business background she continued to study and completed a Masters Degree in Economics.

During and after her studies she gained valuable working experience in Germany, Spain and Tanzania, working in private companies as well as in the public sector. The fact that structures, processes and people’s way of handling change vary enormously between different (organisational) cultures raised her attention and fuelled her professional curiosity. Lucia Herden is particularly interested in the people within the organizations, and their individual interests and perceptions. She is currently completing her training in organizational development at denkmodell.

When consulting individuals, teams and organizations in change processes, Lucia’s focus lies on the intersection between people and organizations. She is able to quickly empathize with people in different contexts. She compares her role as a consultant to that of an interpreter who provides support in case the vision has become temporarily blurred.

Even though she has settled down in Berlin, Lucia still enjoys exploring the world, preferably spontaneously with a backpack and without detailed planning. It is her great dream to one day climb “the white roof of Africa” – the Kilimanjaro. Hopefully with a backpack that is not too heavy.

Professional Focus:

  • Systemic organizational development
  • Organisational development and process consulting
  • Facilitation of workshops and seminars


  • German
  • English
  • Spanish