Consultants and Trainers

Fabian Zimmermann

"Composure prevents mistakes."

Fabian Zimmermann is a consultant and project manager. In the tranquil city of Speyer he broadened his skills by studying administrative science, focussing mainly on reform and modernisation. He doesn’t work only in the public sector, however. His consulting focus is on the planning and implementation of comprehensive further-education and training programmes, primarily in the fields of management and leadership.

When things get especially heated or complicated in a consulting situation, Fabian relies on his composure – he holds the reins, and advises his clients to concentrate on the essentials and set the right priorities. In this way he uses his consulting expertise in both the planning and implementation phases of complex projects.

Fabian also keeps things simple and focuses on the big picture in his private life. He grows vegetables and likes to listen to old-fashioned records – whenever his children give him the chance. Perhaps a little less serene is his hobby of playing the electric bass: He secretly dreams of performing aboard a heavy-metal cruise in the Caribbean.

Professional focus

  • Project management
  • Management training
  • Leadership development
  • Planning


  • German
  • English
  • Spanish