Berater/innen und Trainer/innen

Dr. Sybil Dümchen

"In consulting it is important to be open to what is and what can be. You need sensitivity, keen insight and courage to share in this process."

Sybil Dümchen impresses through a rare blend of straightforwardness and congeniality, benefiting her in negotiations as well as in her facilitation. Her professional career began in Romance studies, in which she earned her doctorate. Her excellent knowledge of French and Spanish soon helped her branch out as an organisational developer in Latin America and Africa.

Sybil has been with denkmodell since 1997. In 1999 she became a partner in the firm, and since then has developed the field of e-learning as well as denkmodell’s training course “Consulting & Organisational Development”, which she has led since 2002. She likes to work closely with people in both conflict management and leadership coaching, but also has a passion for working on a larger platform, in strategy development and cooperation management. She often guides clients in setting up networks, and moderates stakeholder dialogues.

In another life Sybil would probably live in the countryside. (And may still!)

Professional focus

  • Organisational development and process management
  • Facilitating stakeholder dialogues
  • Strategy development and planning
  • Team development
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership training
  • Coaching
  • Project appraisal and evaluation


  • German
  • French
  • English
  • Spanish