denkmodell Ensemble

Dorothee Heidhues

Consultant, Trainer

Dorothee Heidhues is living proof that not all lawyers have to be sticklers. A passionate organisational developer, she helps her clients reach agreements and, most important, make them a reality. This requires discretion, perspective and nerve: “As a consultant I have to say what no on else want to”.

Dorothee’s emphasis is institutional reform, and she spent a couple of years with an international development bank before she specialised in advising experts and leaders in organisations and teams. She is a trained organisational developer with a systemic and a Gestalt-approach.

Dorothee advises clients from the business, non-profit and public sectors. She helps organisations get a clearer picture of themselves while also giving them the tools to make changes from within. She does this primarily in the areas of team development and planning, as well as communication and leadership consulting. She provides the impetus, and guides her clients through change processes large and small.

In another life Dorothee would devote herself entirely to working with horses, a passion that she brings to the denkmodell seminar “Leadership High School”.

Professional focus

  • Organisational development
  • Conflict facilitation
  • Team development
  • Planning
  • Coaching


  • German
  • English
  • Spanish