Consultants and Trainers

Carla Riedel

"To handle conflicts not as problems but rather than a chance, is the first step towards a solution."

The way in which social and economic aspects in organisations intertwine is something that Carla Riedel has been interested in since her time at university: she studied Sociology and Economics, and examined Social Entrepreneurship Organisations in her master thesis.

Not only during her studies has she experienced that conflicts are doubtlessly quite exhausting, but often entail great chances as well. In order to be able to work with this principle on a professional basis, she completed a training as a mediator. Since then, she has supported teams in solving their conflicts and in establishing a positive communication culture. Her primary focus lies on strengthening her clients’ individual and collective communication skills.

Carla Riedel works in different contexts with NGOs, trade unions, private companies and the public sector. Her process-oriented way of working always comprises a well thought out plan, which, however, she is happy to let go of should the prevailing impulses require a different direction. To pick up on flexible ideas while at the same time staying on track is what both challenges and inspires her in her consulting work. Carla Riedel is currently completing her training in “Consulting and Organisational Development” at denkmodell.

Carla Riedel continuously aspires to sharpening her senses, also privately, and is therefore planning to improve her photographic skills. She is herself curious to see what she might capture with her lens in the future.

Professional focus

  • Process consulting
  • Facilitation
  • Mediation and conflict consulting
  • Workshops and trainings with respect to communication and conflict


  • German
  • English