Consultants and Trainers

Anna Schulte

"Recognising that there are many ‘truths’ is often the first step toward a solution. Mapping this diversity of perspectives with the client opens up whole new options."

Through her varied experience, Anna Schulte has become a master of successful communication. Her study of business management in several European cities required navigating in Spanish, Dutch and German. Before settling in Berlin in 2003, she worked in Latin America and Africa, as well as Europe, and for many years headed up a small magazine publishing house specialising in political coverage of Latin America. In that capacity Anna collected experiences beyond just communication – she also dealt with project management, non-profit leadership and public relations.

How can an organisation’s interests be reconciled with those of individual employees? This question continually crops up in everyday work, and it is what led Anna to train in community mediation and, eventually, to become an organisational consultant. Her communication, management and advisory skills combine to make her a successful consultant in systemic and Gestalt-orientated development. Her passions also include facilitating large and breakout groups and different types of events.

Within denkmodell Anna works as a consultant and also forms part of the management team. Among other asignments she is responsible for the area of corporate communications.

Someday Anna would like to travel to Nicaragua – ideally aboard a cargo ship, without telephone or digital devices – in order to experience genuine separation.

Professional focus

  • Process consulting
  • Conflict moderation
  • Team development
  • Facilitation
  • Communication consulting


  • German
  • English
  • Spanish