denkmodell GmbH


Organisational consulting with a sense for people

denkmodell helps clients to organise themselves in a sensible way.

As organisational consultants we help executives and managers to coordinate their organisation and all the people involved in a way that enables them to develop a coherent and capable unit. Efficient organisation with a sense for people is the leitmotif behind all our consulting work. Whether this concerns a company, a civil society organisation or a public institution – the starting point is the commission and higher purpose of the organisation, in order to then pinpoint with accuracy what makes most sense in a particular situation: be it to improve the maximum productivity of an organisation that asserts itself on the market with the help of its qualified and motivated employees, be it to exemplify social responsibility, or to continue to motivate and effectively secure capable team members.

Systematic consulting & agile management methods

denkmodell has more than 25 years of consulting experience and access to a tried-and-tested and ever-expanding pool of practical consulting knowledge, which springs from three conceptual sources: systemic consulting, the Gestalt approach, and agile management methods.

Organisational development, facilitation and training – in Berlin & worldwide

Our interdisciplinary team of professional and experienced consultants offers practical navigational tools to benefactors and decision-makers worldwide: to entrepreneurs and managers, executives and consultants, doers and doubters, pioneers and traditionalists, movers and shakers.

We offer our clients a wealth of practical consulting experience, which comes from over 90 countries, and is based on thorough professional training in consulting and an on-going, lively exchange within our team. By accessing this knowledge our clients can start to tap into their own wealth of experience. Whether in organisational development, facilitation or training – we can help you to slide into the driver’s seat and start heading in a direction that makes sense.


denkmodell | 1989 until today

1989: denkmodell founded as consulting firm with focus on international cooperation.
From 1995 onward: Increasing emphasis on organisational development with a systemic and Gestalt-oriented approach.
1998: Conversion to the legal form of a consolidated company with 3 partners, headquarters in Berlin and a branch in Frankfurt on the Main (Germany).
From 1999 onward: e-Learning tools for remote collaboration and training gain momentum. denkmodell is awarded the Comenius award for excellence in online learning.
From 2000 onward: Ratio of denkmodell’s corporate clients, public institutions and civil society organisations are roughly equal.
2002: Launch of a 2-year class in organisational development and consultancy, with the 8th curriculum starting in 2016.
2006: Move to the new office space with spacious training facilities facing the river Spree.
2009: Change of legal form to a “GmbH” (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, equivalent to Limited liability company).
2014: 25th anniversary of denkmodell